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It was a nice day in Kohona, sun was out but Sakura Haruno wanted to rest just so that she finished a mission yesterday. She invited Naruto out of boredom and she waited sitting on her couch, waiting. As Naruto was coming up the doorstep, Sakura had been doing a little work out on Naruto's way there. So she was smelly, she didn't want to embarress herself but the door already had been knocked on. She answered and let him in. She asked, "Sit down Naruto, I made us some Ramen if you'd like some." "No one can beat old mans ramen stand!" said Naruto. "NARUTOOO!" She smacked him hard and it really hurt.

After the painful scene. They decide to sit and talk, Sakuras parents were out so they could talk about some missions or so, Sakura brought up about the 4th great ninja war. She slipped off her sandals slowly, Naruto couldn't help but to notice how pretty her feet were. As she slipped them it was teasing Naruto like crazy. Sakura put her feet crossed on the coffe table. Her feet were sweaty, smelly and looked like they need a clean. Naruto kept starring as Sakura talked, but Naruto was such in deep thought he couldn't hear. Sakura notices Naruto starting at her feet... She's says his name 3 times. Then she walks toward him and his eyes follow her feet. She slaps him and he regains his self. Sakura asks, "Why are you staring at my feet?". "Well you see. Ummmm, your feet are sexy." Sakura was very confused "men like feet? Weird..." She said in her head. "We'll what do you want me to do with em?" Naruto stuck out his tounge. Sakura got the hint and wanted to satisfy him. She didnt want to do it and she probably wouldn't like it.

She laid her feet on the coffe table, Naruto started on her soles, "Ohhh! It feels so good!" Naruto continues to lick slower "Mmm..." Naruto sucks her heels next "I like it! Ohhh" Siliva covers Sakuras soles and shine as Naruto licks. Naruto starts sucking her small toes avoiding the big ones. "Ohhh I love it!!!" For the finale he sucked her big toes. He spit on each and sucked clean. He went slow to enjoy the worship, as he was sucking Sakura was moaning. So he went harder and her big toe was shiny as gold. He felt Sakura needed more so he started licking her arches, the clean area. She moaned more and more. Eventually they stopped and Sakura says, " I need another day like this..." , "Just call me to come over Sakura." Naruto still had the taste of sweat within his tounge and left with his face looking like victory.
This is my first story! Don't go hard on me please! Featuring Naruto Sakura and her dirty sweaty feet! A nice worship well done I must say haha!
SheepAmongstWolves Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah could easily say this looks very similar to [link] every story he's ever written but its not is it? Just a similar style and writing
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